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Manage construction projects from beginning to end using software designed with construction project managers in mind. Add Workflow Max to your toolkit and reduce your admin time, save money and collaborate quickly and easily with your team.

Use it from your office, truck, or the building site and transform your business.

Why Use QuickSO

how quickso help people at chief level positions


Manage & monitor the entire project with real-time tracking of finances & project progress.

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Manage, monitor and record all the works done for noting all the extra works done, schedule your projects and finish them on time helping you gain trust and confidence.

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Project Manager

Monitoring of project, tracking allocation of resources, work schedules & reporting systems.

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QuickSO Features

With QuickSO project controlling & management is now on your finger tap QuickSO lets you direct & run the project in much effective & productive manner.

Project Management

Advanced Project Management with timeline management, tracking project lifecycle, budget management, legal database, workflow status.

Inventory Management

Smart inventory solution with inventory procurement, inventory usage, inventory movement, inventory replacements and records, inventory level management, vendor management.

Sales & Marketing

CRM tool for smooth tracking and management of sales & marketing operations. Sales, marketing- pre sales and after sales tracking, communication, client information access, leads generation, tracking sales cycle and bid management.

Consultant & Vendor

Separate interface for project wise allocated consultants for more closer collaboration, tracking and communication. Timely access for registered vendors.

Human Resource Operations

Complete human resource management solution with recruitment and onboarding, payroll administration, workers’ database maintenance, attendance and leave records, shift and work scheduling, outsourcing administration (third party).


To more closely address your business needs, we also provide customized version of software where you can add your requisites in your bucket.

Finance & Accounts

Easy and enhanced accounting facility with capital budgeting, revenue management, working capital management, financial sources, credit facility, loan insights.


Specially designed feature of calendar helps the users to strictly adhere to the timelines. Date-wise working agenda can be drafted for every worker. This feature can be used for reminders for periodic work assessments and final deadlines.

Reports With Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive reporting tool to generate customized reports. Data scrutiny, client and site mapping, scanning risks, pricing trends, buying potential, consistent reporting.

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Manage construction projects from beginning to end using software specialy desigend by keeping construction project managers in mind

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